Interview with Linas Agro OÜ Executive Manager Mihkel Hang

2021 12 07

Interview with Linas Agro OÜ Executive Manager Mihkel Hang

The second interview with one of our companies' CEO now is available. We would like to introduce to Linas Agro OÜ Executive Manager Mihkel Hang.

What was the road that led you work in agriculture sphere?

I was brought to the agriculture by university studies. During the studies I got the first “smell” of agriculture, yet the final push came from the fact that I saw how much changes have to come and how much new solutions were brought to the agriculture in general.

What are the things that gets you most excited when thinking about agriculture?

Farmers who do their work despite the weather and political situation. Their passion and long perspective view – they look for innovations at the same time maintain the basic in their farms.

How important, in your opinion, is the success and the weather aspect in agriculture, and how important is systematic work and purposeful development?

Development and systematic work are things where farmer can have the effect on the result. Weather and success sometimes support sometimes work totally against. Systematic work and long perspective view in the agriculture sector are the core.

Linas Agro Group is one of the largest agricultural companies in the Baltics, but Linas Agro Eesti quite new in Estonia. However, the first season has been very busy. What makes Linas Agro stand out in the Estonian market?

I see three key points:

  1. TEAM - Linas Agro Estonia has managed to surprise the local market with many new yet professional faces in our team and as always, the results are made by the team.
  2. GROUP – Additionally, small Linas Agro Estonia has managed to benefit from belonging to the Group. We had several cases during the season where our competitors were out of stock, yet we managed to arrange the deliveries.
  3. PARTNERS – we do work with well-known partners in each product category which also has supported our reliability from a partner’s point of view

What are the biggest pros and cons of working in an international team?

Biggest PROS are the possibilities to find solutions with your colleagues to some challenges you might face locally. Also, to get new experiences and understandings of the business.

Biggest CONS – you need to accept sometimes things which you might not fully agree yet for the general view it makes sense. Also, especially during the pandemic times you lack the meetings without Teams/Zoom…

How has the pandemic affected working for an international company? And what benefits has it brought?

If we think of the supply chain, then working for international company has brought slightly better position regarding deliveries. Somehow it was also fun to start a new company without possibility to meet and discuss face-to-face with colleagues abroad to start the business more smoothly from scratch.

How was the first season at Linas Agro and what`s next?

The first season was challenging to recruit the team and implement the basic processes. Looking back then it was full of implementations, planning’s and re-planning’s. Our team is becoming stronger and stronger, thus we get the power to make a difference on the market. We will be more visible and we need to work hard in order to get the recognition from our customers.

Soon is Christmas time. How do you celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a time for family and key event will be bringing the Christmas Tree from the forest. This will be followed by with many get together with relatives

What are your wishes for co-workers and partners for Christmas and for New Year?

I wish to everybody open mind and readiness for new interesting season as well the skill to take off time for family and friends – this balance is the key. puslapyje yra naudojami keturi pagrindiniai slapukų tipai.

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